Triathlon Coaching: Level 1


“Trismarter has provided me with the expertly crafted structure I’ve been looking for in a coaching program!”

~Tim W.

Level 1 Coaching Highlights

  • Fully customized training plans
  • Monthly phone meeting with your coach
  • Unlimited email correspondence with your coach
  • Discounts on training camps & products
  • Victory Monthly Fee: $175/month (with a one-time $75 start up fee)
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Features: The Level 1 Coaching program provides you, the athlete, with an intelligent and effective training program at a lower cost. Monthly telephone contact and weekly email contact (athlete-initiated) is included to complement the training program structure. Your coach will review your daily training log bimonthly, and make appropriate changes to create an effective training program that avoids overtraining and puts you on the road to victory. Your training plan will be personalized to your needs, as you will work with your coach to create a training schedule that reflects your life style and will maximize your potential as a working athlete.

Requirements: A non-refundable $175 deposit (1st month payment), plus a one-time start-up fee of $75 is required in advance. There is no minimum commitment and you may discontinue the service at anytime. A triathlon coaching associate will contact the athlete once a representative has matched the appropriate coach withthe athlete and the athlete has placed a deposit and completed the release form.

Training Program: Schedules will be posted bi-monthly in your training log, accessible through the 'Athlete Login' pod in the side bar. You training diary and files are only accessed by your triathlon coaching associate and/or sports nutritionist and you. You should record and upload all post-workout data in your online training log. Each day's schedule may include:

  • Physiological indices to be completed each morning which indicates training responses and recovery.
  • The day’s workout(s) to be completed as well as specific areas of focus.
  • Training zone charts to record training time in zones.
  • Uploading of data from training tools, such as heart rate monitors, gps, and power meters.
  • Space to record you anecdotal detail from the actual workout.

“[Level 1] Coaching works perfectly for me! I love the customized training plan that keeps me progressing as an athlete, and the workouts are built around my life. It’s the best of all worlds: I get to train hard, work hard, and see my family. “

~Michael H.

Looking to get more out of your training program?

Do you want to get more out of your customized training program than the basics? The Level 2 Coaching program provides in depth training and racing analysis, weekly meetings with your coach, and more!

Want Minimal Committment?

Are you a do-it yourself-er? Feeling non-committal? Custom Training Plans are the least expensive and provide the least amount of contact with your coach.