Triathlon Coaching: Level 2


Ultima Quick View

  • Fully customized training plans
  • Unlimited contact with your coach
  • In depth analysis of training & racing data
  • Extensive mental preparation
  • Perfect for the busy professional
  • Deep discounts on training camps & products
  • Ultima Monthly Cost: $325/month

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Details: The Ultima Program provides you, the athlete, with the most advanced and effective training program possible. Communication with your coach is unlimited, and includes client-initiated e-mail and coach-initiated telephone consultions weekly. Your coach will review your daily training log, analyze your performance data, and make appropriate changes in a continuous effort to optimize your training.

Return on Investment: The Ultima Coaching service is ideal for those athletes that seek true collaboration on their training plan in order to realize their full potential in the sport.

This service is also perfect for the busy professional with a hectic work schedule, and a strong commitment to family. Your training plan will be focused on quality workouts that optimize your time spent training. Each workout will count, and each workout will take you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Extensive Analysis: Analyzing training data is big part of this program. The use of heart rate monitors, GPS, power meters and other data gathering tools required, and your Ultima Coach will help you use these tools and teach you how to analyze the data. You and your coach will leave no stone unturned in an effort to help you realize your full potential.

TrainingPeaks Data AnalysisRequirements: A non-refundable $325 deposit (1st month payment) is required in advance. There is no minimum commitment, and you may change or discontinue the service at anytime. We also require that you sign a release form.

Training Program: Schedules will be updated and posted weekly through your training log, TrainingPeaks. These records are only accessed by the triathlon coach and/or sports nutritionist and the athlete. For your coach to customize your training plan on a daily and weekly basis, he or she will need as much feedback as possible. To assist your coach, you are responsible for:

  • Recording all post-workout data in their on-line training log
  • Recording physiological indices each morning (to help analyze training responses and recovery).
  • Uploading data from training devices, such as heart rate monitor, GPS device, and/or cycling power meter.
  • Recording any thoughts, questions or comments post workout.