Triathlon & Weight Loss (Tri2Lose)

You've been on diets, started exercising, stopped exercising, and started again, but still haven't met your weight loss goals.

Don't give up!

Tri2Lose: Triathlon Weight Loss

We're here to help you lose weight, improve your health, and fuel your competitive nature. At Trismarter, we've developed a systematic program of nutrition intervention, behavior modification, and triathlon training, that will lead you to healthy, maintainable weight loss for the rest of your life!

The changes you make under the Tri2Lose program are designed to be a permanent solution to the frustrations of being overweight. Tri2Lose isn't a short-term fix. We're confident that under our guidance, you will attain a level of weight loss that rivals any quick fix or crash diet. What's more, you'll arrive at the starting line of your first event, confident, and ready to accept the challenges of this extraordinary sport.

“Lee & Regina: Your guidance has been invaluable to me, and I will always be grateful for the greatest piece of learning you taught me – it’s about life long fitness and health and not about short-term successes.”

~ Frank L., Denver, CO

Weight Loss (Only)

If you already have a training program, triathlon or running coach, but are looking for comprehensive weight loss support, you can sign up for Comprehensive Weight Loss Solutions. This provides all of the features of Tri2lose plus even  more accountability & support with lifestyle changes and additional strategies for lifelong change.

This costs of this program reflects the increase in time and availability needed for the dietitian to be readily available when you need them most. Food triggers can happen at any time, and if you need a dietitian who can respond quickly and timely, this is the service for you.

This service is perfect for you if:

  • You have medical complications (bariatric surgery, Diabetes Mellitus, obesity),
  • Have a history of weight loss and gain greater than 50 pounds,
  • You demonstrate disordered eating patterns or struggle with food addiction,
  • or simply need a professional with the clinical expertise combined with the understanding, and compassion to help you move beyond dieting towards a healthier life.
  • Fee: $275/month

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Tri2Lose (Weight Loss + Coaching)

This service is perfect if you are looking for:

  • A one-of-a-kind weight loss program that combines nutrition intervention, behavior modification and triathlon training
  • Collaboration between your Sports Nutritionist & Triathlon Coach to determine the best weight loss strategy for you
  • Two coaches to provide support & guidance when you need it
  • Experienced strategies to reach and maintain your weight loss goal
  • 3 Month Commitment to Gain Your Health Back!
  • Fee: $350/month (Nutrition & Coaching combined)
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    What to expect in our weight loss programs:

    Comprehensive Weight Loss Solutions (CWLS) & Tri2Lose provide similar features. What differentiates the two services is that Tri2Lose includes a Trismarter Coach and Nutritionist, and CWLS is one-on-one with a nutritionist or dietitian and allows for our top level of weight loss support. Our weight loss solutions are unique in the industry and include the following features.

    • Weekly/Bi monthly phone calls: successful T2L stories repeatedly show us that weekly phone calls are integral to the success of this program. Sometimes life gets in the way of phone calls and they need to be rescheduled. However, most clients struggle with accountability and the best way to be held accountable is to commit to regularly scheduled phone calls.
    • Weekly/Bi Monthly Goals & Strategies: trying to make several changes at once becomes overwhelming. We have found that improving one meal (e.g. dinner) per week is most reasonable when trying to balance work and family commitments.
    • Focused Work: You may desire to make changes to your life and really want to lose weight, but are you truly ready to put in the work? If you are limiting yourself to one month or four weeks of work, you will be disappointed. Our weight loss success stories are people who have spent a year or more on this program. This takes into consideration our imperfections as human beings, and that sometimes one step forward comes with two steps back. That’s human nature and life.
    • Accountability: online interactions make it difficult for clients to read us and us to read clients. If you are dishonest with yourself, you can be dishonest to us. To help us help you, be prepared to be honest and for us to be direct. If you have struggled with weight loss for most of your adult life, we expect to work through behavior and self-esteem issues - to get to the heart of the matter - to truly make progress.

    How Tri2Lose Works

    Phase I – Intensive Weight Loss

    The focus of the first month of the Tri2Lose (T2L) program is on intensive weight loss. You'll work closely with one of our Sports Nutritionists to create a plan that ensures effective weight reduction. Initially, a Nutrition Assessment will be performed. The results of the Nutrition Assessment will dictate the priority of changes to make in your diet.

    Phase II – Weight Loss & Triathlon

    Phase II begins when you feel you have gained control of food in your life and are ready to add the next step; physical activity. We focus on triathlon because it is our specialty and working with three sports reduces overuse injuries. However, if you have not been active, starting with resistance training or a weekly fitness class may be all that you need. If you would like to maintain contact with your nutritionist you will receive a discount on the combined services of Weight Management for Peak Performance & Level I Coaching .

    Combining the professional guidance of your Sports Nutritionist and Triathlon Coach, they will work as a team to balance your diet and triathlon training plan to lose weight. This is where you will see the full effect of the T2L program working for you!

    Phase III – Weight Maintenance

    You may continue with the combination of Level 1 Coaching and Nutrition Consultations at the continued rate of $350/month, or choose which services are right for you (Coaching and/or Nutrition services).

    For example, you may choose to continue ongoing weight loss by maintaining contact with your Nutritionist using the Nutrition Consultation service, coupled with the Tri4Life: Level 2 Coaching Program. The decision is yours, and your Sports Nutritionist and Triathlon Coach will be glad to give you recommendations and guidance as requested.