Triathlon Training & Race Day Fueling Plans

You're fit. Your training is nearly complete, and you're ready to set that personal best. But what about your nutrition plan on race day? It's no secret that you'll need the right fuel in the right amounts at the right time to realize your potential, and that's what our Eat2Win: Race Day Nutrition Preparation is all about.

Get the information you need to properly fuel yourself on race day by speaking with one of our sports nutritionists, and building a plan to fuel your dreams!

“Thank you so much!! [Trismarter Sports Nutritionist] Regina is on Que. She knows me better than I do. She nailed my nutrition today. I had a ‘PR’ Ironman race, with a marathon just 21 minutes slower than my solo marathon time. Very happy and pleased. Thank you again!!”

~ Pete Politis, Myrtle Beach, SC

Race Day Nutriton Preparation Details

The Race Day Preparation service begins with a phone call meeting with your sports nutritionist to determine what your needs will be on the days leading up to your race and on race day itself. A careful analysis of your caloric needs will be provided along with recommendations for fuel and hydration strategies appropriate for each discipline according to distance, a pre-race meal plan based on optimal macronutrient composition, and meal suggestions for pre-race dinner, snacks and breakfast.

We then present you with your personalized race nutrition plan. Your goal at this point is to test the plan in race-simulation workouts, mimicing, as close as possible, race day conditions. Once you have tested your nutrition plan, you will send detailed feedback to your sports nutritionist, and revisions, if needed, will be supplied to you.

    Here is how it works:
  • A fact gathering meeting with your sports nutritionist
  • In depth analysis and plan creation
  • You test out the plan in a race simulation
  • You provide feedback on the plan
  • If necessary, a revised plan is created based on your feedback
  • You re-test your nutrition plan

We recommend that you contact us at at least 4-6 weeks prior to your Sprint or Olympic distance race, or 8-10 weeks prior to your half-ironman or ironman race. This recommendation is based on your need to be able to test our your race day plan well in advance of your event.

Don't leave the most important aspect of your race plan to chance.

Want More Details?

Send us your questions via the contact page, or call us directly at 917-825-1451 for a free consultation.

Race Day Preparation Quick View

  • Analyzed meal suggestions for pre-race dinner, snack, and breakfast
  • Meal plans based on optimal macronutrient composition
  • Timing recommendations for food and fluid intake prior to the race start
  • Fuel and hydration strategies appropriate for each discipline according to distance
  • Phone meeting to review plan with your Sports Nutritionist

Sprint and Olympic Athletes: $235

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Ironman & Ironman 70.3 Athletes: $285

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