Eat2Win: Nutrition Services

What does nutrition mean to you?

  • Completing the marathon of your Ironman-distance race with energy and without stomach issues?
  • Finishing your Olympic distance triathlon with a PR 10k?
  • Losing weight and keeping it off?
  • Learning how to increase your energy levels by improving your diet without sacrificing your lifestyle?
We hear ya and have helped our clients reach these goals!

“Regina was spot-on with my Duathlon World Championship Race Week Nutrition Plan. I was one of the few that did not experience cramping or bonking.”

~ Josh Merrick, Arvada, CO
Eat2Win Sports Nutrition Services

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Training & Race Day Nutrition

Do you want to figure out how to fuel your training for maximum adaptation, eat for recovery and avoid GI distress? Trismarter training and race day nutrition plans analyze your current training load and make customized recommendations on how to fuel before, during and after your workouts.

Race day nutrition plans fine-tune the fueling plan you use during training to optimize your performance on the race course and in the environment you will be competing in. These plans are not a once size fits all, one stop plan; you work with your sports dietitian to measure, test and retest hydration and fueling strategies several weeks before your race, so you will have the confidence of a perfected plan on race day.

Get the information you need to properly fuel yourself on race day by building a nutrition plan to fuel your dreams! Read More.

Dietary Optimization

Dietary optimization is the implementation of dietary changes that have been recommended as part of our Comprehensive Dietary Analysis with the goal of both improved health and peak performance.

Our sports dietitians work with you to improve your diet based upon results from your Dietary Analysis, or food log.  You will receive attention and feedback on your diet over the course of a month, with specific recommendations that you can implement on a weekly basis. This service provides structure using weekly goals established between you and your dietitian to get you started right away.

Read more about Dietary Optimization. 


Periodized Nutrition Plan

Your diet should be periodized to match the changes in training volume of your training plan. This will keep you at race weight in-season while supporting your training and competition, and also prevent off-season weight gain.

Your sports nutritionist will apply a combination of the latest scientific studies, to design a personalized plan for you that will help prepare you for key workouts and races. Your sports nutritionist will also work with you to prevent GI distress, by customizing the amount and type of calories you consume during training and racing.

Read more about Periodized Nutrition Plans.

Comprehensive Dietary Analysis

The Comprehensive Dietary Analysis (CDA) is our flagship sports nutrition service. Get the nutritional analysis you need to optimize your diet for peak performance!
  • Detailed nutrient analysis: includes recommendations to improve or prevent low micronutrient intakes.
  • Recommended caloric intake range depending upon your nutrition goal.
  • Nutrition-related blood analyses.
  • Supplement guidance and food/medication interaction feedback.
  • Detailed guidance for individual nutrition goals.
Read more about the Comprehensive Dietary Analysis service.

Nutrition Consultations

Have questions about Paleo Diets, Metabolic Efficiency, Low Carbohydrate Diets or Training Fasted? Think you want your diet tweeked for improved heatlh? Trismarter Nutrition Consultations are a one-time nutrition service that can be tailored to your primary health or nutrition goal.

Each consultation lasts 60 min. & costs $125.

If you decide to purchase a nutrition service with a minimum value of $200, the consult will be free.

Upon paying for a consultation, you will send your questions to the dietitian assigned to you. The phone call will last an hour, so to make the most of your time, we recommend your choose four topics to discuss during the call.

Meal Planning Solutions

Our Meal Planning Solutions service is designed for individuals that want a very customized plan to meet their food needs. The two most popular reasons are:
  • Weight loss: if you need specific calorie amounts divided per meal per day on a weekly basis
  • Improved Nutrient Intake: You had a Comprehensive Dietary Analysis and want specific meals created for you that incorporate the results from the analysis (e.g. increased intake of calcium, magnesium, vitamin E)
  • Read more about Meal Planning.

Which Service is Right for You?

  • Comprehensive weight loss: in-depth accountability and weekly follow-up, you will need our WMPP service. WMPP provides closer, on-going communication, to build a relationship with your dietitian so that she knows you as well as you do - sometimes better - and can help turn a landslide week of bad food choices, into a step towards success. If accountability is your biggest challenge, WMPP is perfect for you!
  • If you recently had a lipid panel completed with your Primary Care Physician and results showed high cholesterol, triglycerides or LDL and you need guidance as to how to change your diet to improve /reduce health risks, then Meal Planning will provide the level of nutrient analysis and meal recommendations that you need.
  • If you want a review of your diet, a Dietary Analysis will provide in-depth breakdown of nutrient intake with recommendations on how to improve your diet. This does not include a meal plan.
  • If you want to improve your diet and also prepare your race day nutrition plan, speak to us about combining services at a discounted rate.