Triathlon Nutrition

Race Day Nutrition Plans

You’re fit. Your training is nearly complete, and you’re ready to set that personal best. But what about your nutrition plan on race day? It’s no secret that you’ll need the right fuel in the right amounts at the right time to realize your potential, and that’s what our Race Day Nutrition Plans are all about.

Get the information you need to properly fuel yourself on race day by speaking with one of our sports nutritionists, and building a plan to fuel your dreams!

Race Day Nutrition Plans start at $300

Comprehensive Dietary Analysis

Comprehensive Dietary Analysis gives each athlete an in depth look into his or her daily nutritional intake and includes an in depth report of vitamin, mineral, macro & micronutrient intake. Our qualified staff will take you through a process of dietary analysis with the goal of helping to improve your diet for peak performance.

Recommendations based on the analysis will be personalized to the athletes needs, regardless of dietary preferences (vegetarian or vegan, special needs due to medical conditions, or trying to gain or lose weight).

Comprehensive Dietary Analysis is $350

Dietary Optimization

Dietary Optimization is our general monthly nutrition counseling service. Most clients use this for a quick review of their current eating patterns and feedback for improvement.
Clients who purchased our Comprehensive Dietary Analysis, purchase the Dietary Optimization service to receive the guidance, support and help with implementing changes to their diet as recommended in the analysis.

Dietary Optimization services start at $200 per month