Don’t Get Schooled after School: High School Nutrition

It’s fall and high school athletes are in the  midst of their sports season.  Often when we think about optimizing their performance we focus on what they need to eat before and during their actual workouts. This article focuses on fueling while teenagers are in school to prepare for their best workout after school. Even more important than fueling during … Read More

What’s the Beet Deal?

Beets have become the “it” vegetable over the past few years as the primary ingredient in Nitric Oxide supplements. Beetroot (BR) juice provides nitrate which converts to nitrite then nitric oxide (NO). The effects on NO occur on a cellular level, and are claimed to ‘enhance’ or increase the number of mitochondria, also known as the powerhouse of a cell. … Read More

Review: Plant-Based Weight Loss Supplements

Spring has sprung in most of the country, despite lingering reminders of winter here in Colorado. It’s already been an exciting triathlon season for many athletes who raced St. George & IM Texas. If your “A” race is later in the summer and had hoped to lose “winter weight” by now, you may be looking for a supplement to kick-start … Read More

At the Crossroads: Food Decisions

To remain motivated, committed and disciplined to train for triathlon or any bigger-than-life event requires characteristics commonly recognized in Type “A” personalities. These characteristics are great for completing to-do lists, setting and attaining goals. When it comes to diet and food decisions, these characteristics can be helpful or they may create parameters that limit our chance of success. Almost all … Read More

Nutrition Renewal: 5 Tips to Improve your Health

Its that joyful time of year when we have finally gotten through November and December when the hectic life of the holidays forced us to diverge from our usually well controlled routines of eating and exercise, and now we can refocus to our normal routine. Often clients ask me about revamping their diet or completing a ‘cleanse’ in an effort to get back on track from eating less healthy and/or more than usual during the holidays. Generally a ‘cleanse’ means people either literally feel they need to clean out their intestines, and/or want to rebalance their food intake by replacing unhealthy (defined by most as, processed and /or high sugar) foods with healthier versions. This is a positive step since how we feel is greatly dictated by what we think of our food choices: if we mentally think we are toxic, we will feel toxic.

Pikes Peak Ascent Race Report

This past August I raced in the Pikes Peaks Ascent (PPA) for the second time.  The experiences between last year and this year were very different including the amount of training I was able to complete.  I obtained a personal best time by 12 minutes but not because I trained more. Read on…. The PPA starts from the town center … Read More

GMO Cliff Notes

Since GMO (genetically modified organism) & GE (genetically engineered) labeling isn’t required across the country (YET!), here is a brief explanation of why to purchase organic products and vote in support of GMO labeling.  If GMO labeling has existed around the world since 2003, why is America fighting it? From my perspective the two main reasons to choose non-GMO over … Read More

Coconut Sugar: The New Alternative?

With Dr. Oz promoting coconut palm sugar many people are hoping this could be an alternative sweetener used to replace ‘bad’ sugar in baking and general consumption. Is coconut palm sugar more hype than substance?  Two points to consider: Ratio of fructose to glucose Glycemic Index & Load 1) Fructose : Glucose What makes sugar inherently unhealthy for us is … Read More

Fine Tuning Your Fat Burning

When it comes to exercise, the idea of burning fat in place of carbohydrate is very appealing. Unfortunately, fat burning is an inefficient process above certain intensities of training, and our bodies are unable to convert fat directly to glucose. If we could convert fat directly to glucose, weight loss would be a piece of cake, literally. Your daily diet, … Read More