The Standard Training Week, Pt. 2

I began this series about the Standard Training Week with an overview of my thoughts on how and why we need to build a standard week of training. In this post I will go into greater detail on how to build a Standard Training Week for yourself. In this, Part 2, we look at the longer, endurance based sessions, and … Read More

The Standard Training Week

Standard Training Week

To begin this series of triathlon articles I’m going to explain my thoughts on how and why we need to build a standard week of training, which I feel should be at the core of what we do all year long over the next few months. I call this (somewhat unimaginatively) a Standard Training Week. How I approach this subject … Read More

Limited Time: Coaching Service Special

Trismarter Triathlon Coaching & Nutrition

For a Limited Time Only: Coaching Service Specials Tis the season for dreaming! If you have been considering working with a coach for your 2017 triathlon season, Trismarter is now accepting athletes ready to commit to smart and efficient improvement in triathlon performance. We have put together two specials which we are offering from now until December 31. Coaching Special … Read More

Don’t Get Schooled after School: High School Nutrition

It’s fall and high school athletes are in the  midst of their sports season.  Often when we think about optimizing their performance we focus on what they need to eat before and during their actual workouts. This article focuses on fueling while teenagers are in school to prepare for their best workout after school. Even more important than fueling during … Read More

How to Come Back from Injury

Making a comeback from a serious injury can be a challenging time for a triathlete. I say serious here because I’m not talking about the lesser aches and pains associated with hard training, although aches and pains can become more serious and need attention. I’m talking about injuries that cause a triathlete to stop training, reverting focus to healing for weeks, months, and possibly years. The following are five tips on how to make the most of your comeback, and make sure that the comeback sticks.

Leucine: The Protein Game Changer

Protein is getting almost as bad of a rap as carbohydrate these days; either we eat too much or not enough! If these proclamations are based on the US dietary references, then it may indeed appear that we consume too much. However, the amount of protein recommended in those reference ranges are not for competitive athletes training > 7 hrs/week, … Read More

What’s the Beet Deal?

Beets have become the “it” vegetable over the past few years as the primary ingredient in Nitric Oxide supplements. Beetroot (BR) juice provides nitrate which converts to nitrite then nitric oxide (NO). The effects on NO occur on a cellular level, and are claimed to ‘enhance’ or increase the number of mitochondria, also known as the powerhouse of a cell. … Read More

Review: Plant-Based Weight Loss Supplements

Spring has sprung in most of the country, despite lingering reminders of winter here in Colorado. It’s already been an exciting triathlon season for many athletes who raced St. George & IM Texas. If your “A” race is later in the summer and had hoped to lose “winter weight” by now, you may be looking for a supplement to kick-start … Read More