Trismarter Triathlon Coaching and Nutrition provides the highest quality services for triathletes of all levels, novice to elite. Our services are based on a superior understanding of the sport as well as the needs of each and every athlete with whom we work. We build, assess, and customize our services for one purpose: to offer the best triathlon preparation available.

Trismarter delivers an exceptional service by attracting and building a team that inspires excellence and values knowledge. Our team collaborates to ensure clear, concise communication, and a positive and unified approach to challenges. We settle for nothing less than knowing, understanding, and addressing the needs of each client.

Our services are on the cutting edge of current advances in triathlon training and sports nutrition. For the athlete of any level, Trismarter Coaching services meet a variety of needs with a customized approach. Our Sports Nutrition services are the result of our belief that proper nutrition is an essential part any triathlon from sprint to Ironman, and its importance cannot be overlooked.

At Trismarter, we celebrate the journey along with our clients from start to finish.

Trismarter Team

Lee Gardner, Head Coach

Lee Gardner, Trismarter Head CoachHaving coached triathletes professionally since 2004, Trismarter Head Coach, Lee Gardner has gained experience by working with each athlete on a personal and very detailed level to help those he coaches achieve their goals. Learning what each athlete needs to perform at his or her very best and incorporating this into a personalized training program that includes, not simply a training plan, but real, hands-on guidance, is basis for Lee’s coaching philosophy. He believes that it is important to train with intelligence and motivation, while maintaining an high level of enjoyment for the sport.

Regina Hammond, MS, RD

Regina Hammond, MSWith a solid background in all three disciplines, Regina provides her clients with a very well balanced and knowledgeable approach to sports nutrition and triathlon training. She designs highly personalized programs and assists her clients in improving each area of triathlon. Regina focuses on the whole athlete and the entire season combining innovative and steadfast methods of coaching. Regina feels it is imperative not only to be trained well but also to know how to fuel while training and racing. As an athlete for most of her life, she knows how to make training a priority and incorporate it into a busy schedule.

Rebecca Marks Rudy, MS

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Dr. Walter DeNino, Founder

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