Trismarter Triathlon and Cycling Apparel

Orders Trismarter Branded Cycling & Tri Kits Now!

trismarter-tri-topStarting now, and ending on April 7, is your window of time to place orders for the 2014 Trismarter triathlon and cycling apparel. We’ve included digital mock-ups of the kits below, so you have an idea of the design (similar to previous years). We have the following items available:

  • Triathlon Tops
  • Triathlon Bottoms
  • Triathlon Suits (sleeveless, and skinsuit styles)
  • Cycling Jersey
  • Cycling Bibs/Shorts

For each item, there are men’s and women’s cuts, as well as a choice of zipper style, chamois, leg length, and torso length depending on the item you select, so a lot of great options!

We’ve partnered with Champion Systems to create the apparel this year, and they have provided us with an online portal for ordering, which has a few of steps, as follows:

  1. You must first, login to the Trismarter Team Site: Use the user name of TeamTrismarter, and a password of tr1smarter!
  2. From here, you will be directed to create your own personal account.
  3. Once logged into your personal account, you will be able to place your order.

You have until April 7 to place your order, which is only about two and a half weeks away. After April 7, you will no longer be able to order your Trismarter apparel for the year. We expect the the clothing to be delivered in 6 to 8 weeks, or about June 1 (or sooner).

For more details about this process, refer to the Champion Systems members tutorial.


To learn more about sizing for the Champion Systems apparel that we are using, refer to the following links for Triathlon apparel and Cycling apparel.


With all orders you make, the price you pay includes shipping. You pay for each item at the time of order (again, delivery will be in 6-8 weeks from April 7). You will see the price the for each item we have available listed when you place your order.






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