Trismarter Partners with ROKA Sports for Wetsuits

ROKA SportsTrismarter is proud to announce a partnership with ROKA Sports, providing Trismarter athletes with the best wetsuits on the planet! ROKA is “dedicated to empowering triathletes and swimmers with products that make them faster — faster than they were yesterday, faster than they were last season, faster than their competition.”

ROKA’s journey with wetsuits began in 2010, when the company started with one objective: to make the fastest wetsuit on the planet. Since then, they’ve leveraged physics, the world’s best materials, and instincts honed from more than 30 years of elite swimming experience to do just that. After making the fastest suit possible, they partnered with pro triathletes beginning 2012 to make the fastest suit possible for every triathlete.

Trismarter is excited to be training and racing with ROKA wetsuits in 2014, and likewise, ROKA is “stoked to be partnering with Trismarter.” A great quote from the ROKA website: “Faster takes hard work, but when you find resonance in the water with your training and equipment there’s nothing like it.” We couldn’t agree more! Here’s to kicking some ass in water this year!

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Trismarter athletes interested in a ROKA wetsuit, SIM short, or swimskin, please contact your coach for details.

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