Wednesday Night Time Trial Series 2012 No. 1

Colorado Springs boasts some of the best road cycling in the US. We have rolling plains to the East and mountains to climb to the West. It’s ideal training for cyclists and triathletes alike.

Two staples for Springs cyclists are Gold Camp Road and Cheyenne Cañon. Both roads are perfect for hill training. While Gold Camp is steady uphill riding at about a 4% gradient, Cheyenne Cañon is pure hard-ass climbing averaging a 7.1% gradient, with sections over 13%. Gold Camp (starting at the cemetery across from Bott Park) is just under 4.5 miles. Cheyenne Cañon is about 3.5 miles from the gate entrance to the park to the end of the pavement, with an elevation gain of nearly 1300 feet. These two climbs make up the Wednesday Night Time Trial Series, held annually, and produced by the great folks at Colorado Endurance Sports.

WNTT Series #1

The following is an analysis of my performance in the first time trial of the series, which was Gold Camp. The full workout, including warm up and cool down can be found here.


WNTT #1 Gold Camp


Gold Camp by the Numbers

My official time up Gold Camp in the first TT of the series was 18:10, which was good enough for 1st in my division (35+B), and 7th fastest overall. Although the pure cyclists out there were likely laughing at the fact that I rode a time trial bike on an uphill TT, as a triathlete, this is what I ride. I put in 90+% of my annual miles on my Cervelo P3C, so why wouldn’t I ride my main bike?

Along the way I averaged 294 W, which at 155 lbs is about 4.2 W/kg. My maximum power was 958 W, which happened at the start, along with a 491 W first 30 seconds. I clearly remember thinking, “That was stupid! Now how am I going recover from this and still put out a decent effort over the next 17 to 18 minutes?” Somehow, I managed. 294 W is pretty close to my 20 minute all out effort (and this 18:10 was definitely “all-out”!), so I was fairly pleased with the outcome, however, I think I could have squeezed out a few more watts by riding a little smarter in the beginning, and saving a bit for the last 5 or so minutes. It’s difficult to speculate since I was giving everything I had at that moment (indicated by my average heart rate which is about 5 bpm over my lactic threshold heart rate, and higher than that for the last 5 minutes). Fortunately, the third TT in the series goes back to Gold Camp, so I will have an opportunity to prove my theory.

Stay tuned for analysis of #2, #3, and #4 of the Wednesday Night Time Trial Series 2012.