Athlete of the Month: Pete Politis

Our Athlete of Month series is to recognize one of our clients for their ability to make triathlon a part of their overall lifestyle. The ‘award’ is not based on performance, fitness, or experience level. It’s just our way of giving a high-five to our clients since we know training for triathlon is no easy feat.

Athlete of the Month – May: Pete Politis

Trismarter athlete Pete Politis with his daughter

Trismarter athlete Pete Politis with his daughter

About Pete: Pete was born in Toronto, Canada but has lived in Myrtle Beach, S.C since 1977. He is happily married with a 4 year old daughter named Maya. He has been a restaurateur since 1994, currently spending seven days a week overseeing operations at Hot Stacks Pancake House. Currently Peter balances his schedule with work, family time, training for Ironman races & helping to manage the Myrtle Beach Triathlon Club. Over the past 3 years he has finished three ironman-distance races which include 2x Beach to Battleship (B2B), and Ironman St. George.


  1. How long have you been a triathlete, and how did you get your start?
    I have been a triathlete for little over 3 years. I got my start when I picked up cycling because of 3 knee surgeries. Along the way I met wonderful, inspiring triathletes that encouraged me to get into the sport. I took the challenge and began to learn how to swim & bike.
  2. What are your triathlon goals in 2012?
    My two goals for 2012 are to race Ironman Texas in May & the Ironman World Championship in Kona in October. Winning the Kona lottery has been extremely exciting! My goals for both races are to be able to finish strong and not be a victim of the heat & hills.
  3. How much has triathlon infiltrated your everyday life?
    Triathlons have become a major part of my life. We plan our vacations around which Ironman race I will be doing. I spend about 1.5 hrs per day training. I spend about 1 hour a day researching about form, nutrition, products for myself and for MBTC. I am always thinking about how can I get more people involved in this sport and how can I help someone improve. I enjoy giving back to a sport that gives so much in return.
  4. What Trismarter services have you used, and how have they effected the way you approach your training and racing?
    Pete Politis with Coach Lee Gardner

    Pete Politis with Coach Lee Gardner

    I originally hired Regina Hammond from Trismarter to help me with my nutrition needs for Ironman races, then later hired Lee Gardner for coaching services. The services have helped take the guesswork out of whether or not I am under or over training, wondering how much I need to be eating before, during, or after my training, designing my training plan to prepare me for the various terrain and environments I will be competing in, and assembling my race day plan. The list can go on and on.
  5. What is your favorite workout?
    My favorite workout is on Mondays – Rest day!
  6. What is your least favorite workout?
    My least favorite workout is any swim session with kicking drills!!