Trismarter Triathlon Presentation Series: Run training & biomechanics

Trismarter Triathlon Coaching & Nutrition is presenting a Triathlon Clinic on Run Mechanics & Training, presentation #2 in a series of triathlon related topics at Cafe Velo in Colorado Springs.

The Triathlon Clinic on Run Mechanics & Training occurs April 26th at 7:00PM in the cafe at Cafe Velo. The clinic includes detailed information on how to improve run mechanics, run fitness, how to reduce risk of run related injuries, as well hands on demonstrations of run drills to make you faster! We will also discuss the various methods and fads (Chi, Pose, barefoot running, etc.), and help you decide whether they are something for you to consider in your run training.

Future presentations will be held immediately following the group run at Cafe Velo on selected Thursday nights. Remaining topics in the series:

May 17 – Triathlon Nutrition (training & racing)
May 24 – Triathlon: the Bike (training, equipment, bike fit)
June 7 – Triathlon: Mastering Transitions (including hands on coached practice of both T1 & T2)

See you April 26th at Cafe Velo off of Voyager north of Interquest, in Colorado Springs.