Trismarter Clinic for Myrtle Beach Triathlon Club

Trismarter/MBTC Triathlon Clinic

Coach Lee talks to MBTC Members

Trismarter Triathlon Coaching & Nutrition presented a triathlon clinic for members of the Myrtle Beach Triathlon Club on Saturday, April 14, 2012. The clinic focused on creating “structured workouts with a purpose” for club members, as well as an extensive Q&A session and a group brick workout. In the clinic, Trismarter Head Coach, Lee Gardner explained the basics for why and when athletes would want to structure specific workouts for both field testing and to effectively force physiological adaptation specific to each athletes training and ultimately race needs. Coach Lee presented a small library of workouts to demonstrate to the MBTC members how structured workouts might look, including warm ups, main sets and cool downs.

Following the presentation, an extended Q&A session allowed club members to ask Coach Lee any and all questions they might about training for and racing triathlon. Topics ranged from transition techniques to race strategies and choosing the right equipment to effective techniques for tapering.

Trismarter/MBTC Group Brick Workout

Group Brick Workout

The clinic concluded with a group brick workout that focused on maintaining race pace, adding several 20-30 second surges during both the bike and run portions of the brick to simulate race conditions. The short brick workout (6mi bike followed by a 1 mi run) was intended to help the athletes stay sharp for the following day’s Sprint race at Coastal Carolina University, where many MBTC members took overall and age-group awards.