Trismarter’s Triathlon Presentation Series

Trismarter Triathlon Coaching & Nutrition is presenting a series of triathlon related topics at Cafe Velo in Colorado Springs. The presentations will be held immediately following the group run at Cafe Velo on selected Thursday nights. Topics include training tips, equipment, triathlon nutrition, and skills. Mark your calendar for the following dates:

April 12 – Planning your triathlon season + FREE 12-week Training Plan!
April 26 – Triathlon: the Bike (training, equipment, bike fit)
May 17 – Triathlon Nutrition (training & racing)
May 24 – Triathlon: the Run (training and run mechanics)
June 7 – Triathlon: Mastering Transitions (including hands on coached practice of both T1 & T2)

All presentations will take place in the cafe lounge at Cafe Velo.

For more information, contact:

Trismarter Triathlon Coaching & Nutrition


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