Trismarter’s AZ Training Camp, Day 8

We woke up on day eight feeling a little tired, but also feeling energized. Knowing that this was the last day of the camp, we all wanted to go for broke, work hard, and enjoy our time together as a team.

Starting with our final swim, we rolled out of the condo long before the sun came up one last time. A hearty set of 4300 yards was on the menu, and the team absolutely tore it up!

Warm up:
1×400, choice of stroke
1×100 kick
2x(3×100 as 50 non-free/50 free, 100 kick, 50 drill/50 free)
2x(3×300 free on #1: 30s/#2: 20s rest) all at t-pace
8×50 FAST! on 10s rest
Kick set:
1×400 kick, build each 100 (so start easy!)
Cool Down:
500 choice of stroke, easy.

Next up was our final track session. It took forever for Danielle and Lou both to warm up. This was a sure sign that they had worked very hard for the past week, and that fatigue was beginning to affect performance. We began with our usual warm up of light jogging, skipping, and a set of lunges. Form was laughable on all of this. Watching these two high performance athletes trip over their own feet trying to perform lunges was absolute comedy! It was like watching a sobriety test on the side of the road, only instead of being drunk on alcohol, these guys were drunk on training. For a good laugh, you can watch them in the montage video from the camp as they try to do a set of lunges. Holy cow!

Being that we were so tired, there was not a lot of work at the track, so we kept it simple, running a few sets of mile repeats at moderate efforts. Trying to force any sort of run mechanics changes was not going to happen on this day.

After the track, we ate lunch, took a nap, and then went out for another recovery ride. It was bitter sweet riding on the bike paths in Phoenix in the late afternoon, knowing that this was our final workout on the final day of what turned out to be an amazing week of training for Team Trismarter. We rode that night until the sun set, all of us wanting to make the ride last forever.

Having been involved in many training camps in the past, this camp was an incredibly special event. While we didn’t have all of the luxuries of a fancy high-end camp, we made the most of what we had, and more importantly, this small but mighty team became a tight knit family of triathletes, pushing each other to perform beyond the each other’s limits and gave support to each other when the chips were down. I’m looking forward to continuing to work closely with both Louis and Danielle, and this training camp was only the beginning of what will be an incredible 2012 season.