Trismarter’s AZ Training Camp, Day 7

It’s always interesting to see how the excitement of a great workout and the team dynamic can create a false sense of invincibility. Day seven would prove to be an eye opening day for us.

Lou giving us his Bolt

Lou giving us his Bolt impression at the pool

We began at the pool again with a 4500 yard set that included another 1000 TTT. Danielle and Louis raced another 1000 yard relay, alternating by 100’s. This time, having set a benchmark a few days prior, they were keen on seeing how much faster they could go. It turns out, quite a bit. This 1000 yard relay was faster by several minutes, although both swimmers had to tap into some huge efforts to make it happen. All in a morning’s swim session.

Following our set routine of a big breakfast after a big swim, there seemed to be a collective sense of fatigue on this morning. We were all moving slow and seemed to be half awake. The mid-day plan was to ride another 75 to 90 miles. By the time we had gotten 25 miles into the ride, it was clear that this was not going to happen. What previously took about an hour to ride, was taking nearly 20 minutes longer today, as no one had the legs to push much harder. At the 30 mile point, I decided we needed to pull the plug, and cut our losses for the day. We lightly cruised back to our condo feeling deflated compared to previous days. The hard training had set in, and it would have simply been stupid to continue to push more on that day.

We rested for the remainder of the day and evening, all hoping that on our final day, we’d be ready to go.