Trismarter’s AZ Training Camp, Day 4

A few weeks prior to our trip, Lou emailed me about whether or not we could incorporate a local race into our camp. It turned out that the Susan M Turley Foundation was hosting a series of running races while we were in the area. We decided that we would all jump into the 10k race.

I worked the race into our schedule, adding some quality running into the program. We got up early, had a light breakfast, and drove to the race start in Tempe.

Team Trismarter pre-race

Team Trismarter pre-race

We registered, got our bibs, and began warming up. All of us wearing our Trismarter shirts must have made an impression on a few of the runners. One kid in particular made it a point to come and warm up with us. It was his first ever race, and he said he wanted to be around runners who looked like they knew what they were doing so he could learn. I guess matching shirts make you look smart?

Before we knew it, the organizers were corralling the runners to the start line. Team Trismarter (plus one) lined up in front, and we attacked from the beginning. Our new friend hung on for the first ½ mile before having to slow up to a more realistic pace (we found out later that he ran in a bit over 50 minutes – not bad for a first race ever!).

Trismarter takes 1st place in both male & female 10k race

Danielle & Louis take 1st place

Lou had absolutely no competition. Finishing in 35:31, he pretty much jogged in the second half of the race, and still won by a considerable margin. In the women’s race, it was a similar situation for Danielle. She one the women’s 10k in 41:28. (NOTE: not her best 10k ever, but considering the previous days’ training, we’ll take it!). I finished in 39:45. It was good enough for 4th place overall: not too bad for the old man!

After the race, while we enjoyed our post-race smoothies, it was decided that the remainder of the day would be focused on recovery and preparation for the following day’s long run. It’s very easy to completely smash yourself in a camp environment. As a coach, I am very aware of the quality of work the athletes I am coaching are capable of at varying degrees of fatigue. In the case of both Lou and Danielle, I decided that backing off for half a day now would be our best approach for making the most gain overall during the 8 day camp. In my opinion, there is never enough quality work to be done. That being said, when the level of quality begins to drop off, I feel it’s best to do what it takes to ensure that those levels rise and stay high. If rest is the answer, then it is rest that we will focus on.

We opted to swim late in the day on Day 4. The swim set was short and just enough to keep the athletes from feeling lethargic all day. Sometimes, short and simple workouts increase the rate of recovery by increasing blood flow and flush out metabolic artifacts (from training) while carrying in fresh blood to the cells. This helps to relieve soreness and stiffness which was our aim with this swim session:

Warm Up:
200 swim/200kick
6×50 free, build.
Main Set (20s RI on all):
10×25 Kick, alt easy/fast
10×50 Free, alt easy/fast
10×75 descend 1-5, 6-10
10×100 alt 1 easy/2 fast (last one easy)
2×150 pull (with paddles)
Warm down:
1×200 choice of stroke (non-free), mellow effort.