Trismarter Elite Squad’s AZ Training Camp

The Trismarter Elite Team Arizona Training Camp commenced on February 15, 2012 in Phoenix, AZ. The purpose of the camp was to allow the athletes an opportunity to train some big hours in warm weather during the winter. Attending the camp were members of Trismarter’s elite squad, Louis Tafuto and Danielle Kehoe, and myself, Trismarter Head Coach Lee Gardner. (Editor’s note: read about Louis’ and Danielle’s camp experience on their blogs)

In this first report from the camp, I though I would share with you an overview of the camp work. Both Louis and Danielle did the workouts together, although both approaching each session individually, according to the specific training for their individual goals.

The Work

Here is rundown of the day to day schedule:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Swim: 3700 yds
Bike: 15 mi – easy
Run: 7.5 mi – easy
Swim: 4800 yds
Bike: 0 mi
Run: 10 mi @ track
Swim: 4100 yds
Bike: 87 mi to Bartlett Res & back
Run: 8 mi t-run
Swim: 2000 yds
Bike: 0 mi
Run: 8 mi (10k race)
Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
Swim: 4000 yds
Bike: 18 mi
Run: 23 mi
Swim: 4500 yds
Bike: 65 mi Hill repeats @ S. Mtn Park
Run: 2 mi t-run
Swim: 4500 yds
Bike: 65 mi to Cave Creek & back
Run: 0
Swim: 4700 yds
Bike: 20 mi
Run: 9 mi @ track

Workouts in bold above were the key workouts for that day, and while the swim sessions were not necessarily “key workouts” per se, they were all very challenging, and forced the athletes to push themselves hard on a daily basis.

The Numbers

Let’s take a look at some numbers from the camp. The charts directly below show accumulated hours and distances of the training we did.

Completed Training Duration
Training Distance CompletedAs you can see, we put in about 42 hours of training over the eight days of the camp. I feel that this was pretty solid. It’s about double of what both Danielle and Louis normally train in a single week. A camp environment allows an athlete to push beyond what they can normally do for several reasons, including fewer outside distractions, more sleep/rest, and of course, team interaction and support.

At the camp we had some great opportunities for cycling, with three major rides, and three shorter/easier rides that were primarily used as active recovery. The big rides were to Bartlett Reservoir (87 miles of rolling terrain with 5800+ feet of elevation gain), South Mountain Park (65 miles, including three trips up to the tower summit, which included cat 3 and cat 5 level climbs that rose 1112 feet each time up, totalling over 6000 feet of elevation gain), and a solid ride from Phoenix into the Tonto National Forest (65 mi, 2600 feet of elevation gain, at an average pace of 22 mph).

Swimming volume was also increased overall with eight days in the pool, generally swimming 4-5000 yards per day. Each day we worked on identifying form weaknesses and building fitness by swimming main sets of 1500 to 2000 yards at or above threshold pace.

Run volume pretty much remained the same relative to the two athletes’ current running volume, with the exception of the very long run we did on Day 5. This long run was completed in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve along Trail 100, which has some fairly rolling terrain with a few big hills. We ran out and back for a total of 23 miles and nearly 3700 feet of elevation gain.

Overall the camp was a huge success! I feel that both Louis and Danielle made several breakthroughs during the camp which will be key to their 2012 racing season. During the camp, I shot a good amount of video from the workouts we did. Stay tuned for various compilations of video from the camp, including workout sets, exercises that accompanied the workouts, and a few interviews.