Trismarter’s AZ Training Camp, Day 1

After arriving the night before the first day of the camp, and getting what can only be called a fairly crummy night of sleep, we gathered first thing in the morning for our the camp’s official first workout: a one hour shake-out run on the desert trails of nearby Dreamy Draw Recreation area.

The purpose of this first workout was to give us all a chance to begin adapting to the environment, and to do a little reconnaissance for our planned long run that would happen in a few days. The pace was easy to moderate, with a light elevation gain of 880ft over 7.6 miles for the hour long workouts.

Day 1 - Run Topography

Day 1 - Run Topography

After the run, we made a trip to the local Whole Foods to stock up for the week. It’s always interesting to see the looks on peoples faces when they see a group of ultra fit individuals buying what looks to be an armies worth of groceries. Little do they know that this stuff will be lucky to last more than four or five days. We stocked up on a lot of great fresh vegetables, rice, quinoa, and pasta, as well as each athletes preference for protein. Lou is a vegetarian, so for him it was plant based protein like tofu and tempeh. While Danielle and I eat animal based protein like fish, chicken and beef, we also shared tofu and tempeh with Lou for convenience sake, since we were all cooking out of one kitchen.

Our next workout was a solid swim of 3700 yards at the local YMCA. The Christown YMCA was nice enough to host us for all of the swimming workouts we did in Phoenix. The pool staff there was great! Our main set for the first swim of the camp was as follows:

Main Set:

100’s descending by 100 from Steady to MAX EFFORT

4×100 – 2×50 easy

4×100 – 2×50 easy

4×100 – 2×50 easy

4×100- 2×50 easy


8×50 MAX EFFORT on the :45 send off (so plenty of rest…)

Finally for day 1, we took the bikes out, riding nice and easy around the local neighborhoods for an hour. Again, this workout was designed to simply shake off the travel, and make sure our equipment and bodies were in working order and prepared for the week of very hard training that lay ahead.

With Day 1 under our belts, we ended the evening by making a great dinner and watching the first of several movies to relax and prepare for Day 2’s big training day.