Swim Workout: 200 Degradation Set: 400 paddles & buoy/200 swim

The following swim workout has been posted for your swimming pleasure.

Warm up: 1000

300 swim/200 kick (with kickboard)/500 swim

Drills (kick focus with fins): 250

1. Face down, arms extended forward. Focus on a 6-beat kick, taking a breath every 9 kicks (the same as if you are alternating-side breathing). Do 2×25.

2. Side swimming. Left arm extended, face down, body rotated to the right. Breath as needed by rotating your head to the sky/ceiling. Focus on steady, even kicks. Do 2×25. Repeat on other side.

3. Side switch. Begin as if side swimming. Take 6 kicks, then begin three strokes, taking a breath during the recovery phase of the third stroke, and “switching” to the other side. Repeat this pattern across the pool. Do 4×25.

Main set: 2000

Begin with a 200 yd/m time trial (TT). All out, best effort. Record your time for this, and all proceeding 200’s.

3x(400 swim with paddles & buoy (moderate-hard effort) on 60 seconds rest, followed by another 200 TT on 20 seconds rest).

Track your percentage of degradation on each 200. If you see the times getting considerably slower (i.e., more than 5 seconds slower from one to the next), this is an indication that your swim fitness is low, and thus your form is breaking down (TT’s and swimming with paddles will increase fatigue).

Warm down: 200

200 choice of non-freestyle stroke, easy efforts.

We hope you enjoy the workout! If you do it, let us know how it goes by adding a comment.

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