Muscular Endurance Circuit Training Workout

With Reuters predicting up to ten inches of snow in the New York Metro area, it’s likely that triathletes are taking workouts indoors if they haven’t already done so. This is the perfect opportunity to work on triathlon specific strengthening exercises while maintaining your endurance. One of my favorite strength workouts that focuses on endurance is a circuit training workout that incorporates a brick-like element while building muscular endurance. Here’s the Endurance Circuit: Endurance Circuit
Exercise Reps/Duration Tips
Push-up 5-10
Squat (body weight) 10-15 Keep weight on your heels
Biceps Curl 10-15 Keep your shoulders and upper back engaged.
Treadmill Run 5 min Effort should be ‘Steady’ and conversational
Bench Step-up 16-20 Alternate legs on each rep.
Chest Press 10-15 Try this on a Swiss Ball!
Side Planks 20-30 sec/side Hand towards ceiling for added challenge.
Elliptical 5 min Effort should be ‘Steady’ and conversational
Single arm row 10-15 No rest when switching sides
Hamstring Curl 10-15 Keep motion slow & smooth
Triceps Extension 10-15 Keep your shoulders and upper back engaged.
Spin Bike 5 min Keep your cadence between 85-95rpm
Oblique Crunch 15-20 Alternate side with each rep
Quad Extension 10-15 Keep motion slow & smooth
Deltoid Fly 10-15 Keep your core engaged.
Stationary Row 5 min Use your legs along with your shoulders.

Repeat this circuit 2-4 times depending on your level of fitness. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout this workout. When you’ve finished the circuit, take 10 to 15 minutes to stretch your muscles. This will help begin the recovery process.

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