Holiday Nutrition Trivia!

Holiday Nutrition Trivia

The talk of the holidays usually revolves around food! It’s the season of holiday parties and endless caloric temptations.
 Many of us are seeing friends and family we only see once a year and want to look our best. Many different thoughts cross our minds:

“Can I lose weight quickly eating vegan for a week, or doing a veggie liquid diet?”

“I’m going to workout extra long today so that ‘I’m allowed’ to eat whatever I want at the party.”

“What should I eat at the party so I don’t gain weight?”

“I’m not going to eat much today so that i can ‘save my calories’ to eat & drink at the party.”

We all have our ways of dealing with the anxiety and stress that surrounds the over-indulgence at the end of the year. We won’t tell you what to do (unless you ask!), instead here’s a game to help you make the best choice at your next social engagement.

From left to right: red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate truffles, peppermint bark, mixed nuts, corn chips, caramel coated apple.

Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese FrostingChocolate TrufflesPeppermint Bark

Think you’re a savvy party eater?

  • Which has the least amount of calories?
  • Which has the most total fat?  
  • Which has the most ‘good’ fat (omega 3 & 6)? 
  • Which provides the most vitamins & minerals?
  • Which has the most fiber?
  • Which is the best option if you are watching your weight? 

Answers will be in the next post!

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