Answers to Holiday Nutrition Trivia

Serving size: 1 cupcake, 5 truffles, 14 corn chips, 2 pcs peppermint bark, 2 handfuls nuts, 1 caramel covered apple 

  • Which has the least amount of calories? 
  • 1 cupcake: 220 cal , 2 pcs peppermint bark: 300cal, 5 truffles: 305, 2.5oz nuts: 344, 14 corn chips: 350 cal, 1 apple: 480 cal

  • Which has the most total fat?

    nuts: 32g, apple: 22g, truffles: 20g, peppermint bark: 19g, corn chips: 15g, cupcake: 11g

  • Which has the most ‘good’ fat (omega 3 & 6)?

    nuts: omega-3: 139mg & omega-6: 6236mg
    chips: omega-3: 276mg & omega-6: 3692mg

  • Which provides the most vitamins & minerals?

    2 oz nuts: calcium 59mg (6% DV), iron 1.4 mg(8% DV)
    14 chips: calcium 53 mg, iron 0mg

  • Which has the most fiber?

    caramel apple: 6g, nuts: 4g, chips: 2g, peppermint bark: 1.5g, truffles: 0g, cupcake: 0 g (depending upon ingredients used, cupcakes may have 1-2g)

What is the best option if you are watching your weight? 1 cupcake

Tip #1: If you can limit the number of refills, have a handful of nuts, a piece of peppermint bark, and one cupcake. That’s approximately 500 calories!

Tip #2: Don’t eat all at once; eat a little and talk a little. You will avoid mindless eating, and instead, only have a small taste of your favorite sweets.

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