Gear Review: Women’s Running Shorts & Skorts

Adidas Glide shorts ($35)

Adidas Glide Running ShortFinding shorts that fit me ‘perfectly’ is very difficult, which is why I don’t purchase new ones very often. Nike running shorts are very popular, however, I find they don’t fit me very well. They seem to puff out in the front and make me look saggy in the rear-end. Several brands sell racing shorts that have the slit up the side of the leg. They must offer a lot of freedom of movement, but I personally do not like them. Recently, I was at a running shop and the sales clerk recommended these Adidas Glide shorts ($35) to me. I was turned off by the blue dash up the side, but they were very thin and breathable, so I decided to try them on. I was happily surprised to find that they were perfect! They sat on my waist instead of my hips, and didn’t ride up to my hips while I ran. They looked very short hanging on the  hanger, but with the 2″ inseam they weren’t too short nor too long. (I am only 5’2″, so the inseam might fit someone taller differently.)  I barely felt them on my body at all! Their breathable CLIMACOOL® fabric is comparable to Nike’s Dry-FIT Pacer Shorts ($30) and Nike’s Dry-FIT Race Day Running shorts ($45), and the fit feels similar to the Nike Dri-FIT Fundamental Road Race Women’s Running Shorts.

Mountain Hardwear Pacer Run Skort

Mountain Hardwear Pacer Run SkortI prefer shorts to skorts, so I can’t attest to how good this Mountain Hardwear Running Skort feels during running. However it’s extremely comfortable for wearing out-and-about, or commuting by bike. It’s feather-light, and is extremely breathable. The inside brief is made of Milvia™ jersey liner, making it soft and thin so it doesn’t bunch up between your legs. The brief is also made with Chitosan, a material known for it’s odor control capabilities. The small zip pocket located on the waistband on the backside of the skort is a handy feature for keys or iPod. The cut and shape of the skort hugs the hips without restricting movement of the legs.

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