Integrated Approach to Triathlon Training and Sports Nutrition

As coaches and sports nutritionists for, we enjoy working with clients to achieve their potential in health and performance. We also strive to provide an integrated approach to triathlon training and nutrition. Since there are many moving parts in the path to injury-free triathlon success, we think it’s necessary for the client to focus on training, while we interpret and present the data from these moving parts. For example, if a client suffers from ITB syndrome, needs to be evaluated for orthotics, or needs a bike fit, we will work with the doctors and therapists  to coordinate the appropriate training into their program.

Running InjuriesThis eliminates the client from having to act as a messenger between several specialists, and avoids clients from being put in the awkward position of questioning  the doctors and therapists they visit. Instead, it allows us to ask questions that will assist us in planning and implementing therapy within their workouts.

As a client of, if you need to see a therapist, podiatrist, orthopedist, or bike fit specialist, talk to us first. Let us do the research, so we can connect you with the most experienced and qualified professionals. We live in a world of certifications and qualifications, but sometimes real-world experience trumps that. We know the right questions to ask, to get our clients on-track and on-time for their events.

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