How to Get the Most Out of Your Triathlon Training Camp Experience

Athletes TrainingTriathlon training camps are popping up all over the place, and for good reason. Camps are a great way for athletes to focus on training for a sport that they love participating in by setting aside their daily lives for a few days and getting in a lot a great work. Most amateur athletes place the bulk of their big training days on the weekends in a typical training week, spending the weekdays getting in one or two shorter workouts per day and recovering from the big training weekends. While this approach is common and certainly proven, it’s also great to mix up the regular schedule by throwing in a training camp where you, the athlete, can spend several days immersing yourself in the triathlon life. If you are planning to attend a training camp this summer, here are a few tips to take with you in order get the most out of the camp you plan to attend.

  1. Arrive fit. One of the main reasons to attend a triathlon training camp is for the boost in fitness you’ll get. Imagine how much stronger you can be by arriving at the camp fit, then pushing that fitness to the next level at the camp!
  2. Arrive rested. Although coming to a camp with some solid training under your belt is optimal, make sure you give yourself at least a few days of rest before arriving at a camp. This way, you can take advantage of your fitness by hitting each workout with all you have instead of having to back down because you’re tired.
  3. Let the coaches know why you are there. This is something that athletes attending camps sometimes forget about. Why are you attending this camp? What are your season’s goals? Where are you in the midst of your training season? Let the coaches at the camp know a bit about what your goals are, so that they can help you through the process. They may even have advice on how to get the most out of the camp, keeping your goals in mind.
  4. Pace yourself. It’s really easy to completely smash the first couple of days of a training camp, and although this will give you a fitness boost, you stand to gain much more by pacing yourself over the long haul of the camp’s entirity. You may even want to choose specific camp workouts in which you’ll want to unleash yourself, letting the other workouts act as baseline sessions where you hold back a bit.
  5. Train hard, recover harder. Because you’ll be getting in hard training nearly every day of a camp, you will want to take recovery very seriously in order to gain maximum benefit form the entire camp’s training. This means early to bed, and you may also consider a mid-day nap. Eating quality food from day one is also going to help huge, especially in the later days of the camp.
  6. Have a great time. If you’re not having fun (fun being a relative term), then you may not be at the right camp.

If you planning to attend a triathlon training camp this summer, keep these thoughts in mind as the camp approaches. Let your camp experience be the catalyst for boosting your fitness and skill set, making you into a better triathlete!

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