The Benefits of a Triathlon Training Camp

As a triathlon coach, I am often asked about whether triathlon training camps are beneficial. Generally speaking, most amateur athletes have a lot to gain from training camps, whether it be learning essential skills, building fitness, or simply sharing time training hard with like-minded athletes. Here is a quick list of benefits that I feel sums up why attending a triathlon training camp can be a great investment.

  1. Focused training without distractions. Camp SwimA training camp is like a get-a-way for athletes. You get to leave our regular lives behind for a few days and simply focus on the sport we love so much. No meetings, no kids, no obligations. You just swim, bike, run, and recover for the next day of training. Focused training like that found in most camps has a really positive outcome on athletic performance several weeks after a camp has ended.
  2. In person access to a coaching brain, 24 hours a day. Being able to hang out with coaches and other athletes all day long offers a big opportunity to learn not only more about how to train for triathlon, but also how this training applies to you specifically. Coached GroupAll good coaches are always watching you as you train and will have tons of suggestions for improvement. Take advantage of the triathlon coaches at the camp you attend by asking a lot of questions.
  3. A learning experience. A triathlon training camp is a great opportunity to learn more about this great sport. Experiencing training and racing on the level that only a camp environment can provide can give great insight into what potential triathlon can offer you. You may also learn something about yourself as an athlete and as a person.
  4. Quality training. Group RideCamps are set up for you, the athlete, to be able really dig in and make serious progress in your training in a short period of time. This can be through long, hard days out on the bike, or as simple as an hour focusing on transitions skills or swim technique.

The benefits of a training camp go far beyond what I can express here. If you are interested in find out more about what a camp can do for you, feel free to contact us about one of our triathlon training camps.

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