Supplements: “Health Guru” Gets Some of His Own Medicine

The Picture of Health?

Until today, we had never heard of Gary Null. Apparently, he is a “nutrition guru”. Regardless, this article in the New York Post highlights the problem with the supplement industry in the United States. Apparently, the “guru” ate excessive amounts of his own “Ultimate Power Meal”…

“The health nut went to see his doctor, and tests showed he had elevated levels of Vitamin D in his system. He later discovered that the Ultimate Power Meal had 1,000 times the amount of Vitamin D than the label claimed.”

Allegedly, the manufacturer of the product, “New Jersey company Triarco was responsible for mixing the Vitamin D for the product, which has since been recalled. It charges Triarco failed to do proper tests before sending the ingredient on.”

In case you’re interested, Null also “markets fitness DVDs, as well as hair-care, anti-aging, anti-stress, air-purification, weight-loss and pet-care goods on his Web site.”

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