Tri2Lose: Let’s Tri to Lose Some Weight

Have you hit a plateau in your quest for weight loss? Here’s the skinny – if you want to lose weight, train for a triathlon. You don’t need to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser to figure this one out…Shake it up!

Anyone who has tried to lose weight has tried dieting. Diets are usually successful for up to a year. The changes that one makes when the decision is made to become a triathlete can be permanent. The triathlon lifestyle can be addictive.

Triathlon, as you may know, is the ultimate total body workout and adding variety to your exercise routine fights boredom and promotes activity. When you adopt a well balanced program of swimming, cycling and running (with perhaps a side of weight training), this cross training regimen will help shave off the pounds – a weighty thought! Another strategy for “re-calibrating” your system is to boost and vary the level of intensity. Intervals, short intense periods of exercise, boost your metabolism and help burn fat.

Energy in equals energy out, right? One of the big challenges while training for a triathlon to lose weight is to know how many calories are required and how many are being consumed. A proper diet needs to be customized to you and when you reach that plateau, you might need the expertise of a qualified sports nutrition professional who will guide you with portion sizes, food choices, times to nosh and a slew of other strategies that will keep you on course!

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