Beginner Triathlete Review: Central Park Biathlon Common Mistakes

Central Park Biathlon photo

Of the approximately 600 athletes competing in the Central Park “Biathlon” this morning, the majority were beginner/novice level athletes. The conditions for the 2/12/2 format race were dry but cold and grey. The following are some simple observations of mistakes commonly made by athletes on race day:

1. Inadequate warm-up (minimum 20:00 low-level effort with striders or other short burst of intensity for a race of this distance)
2. Inadequate clothing (I saw far too many athletes with bare arms, knees, and even torsos for the temps in the high 30s)
3. Poor bike handling skills
4. Poor knowledge of the course
5. Poor transition skills (crashes, gearing not appropriate for exit from transition and start of cycle up hill behind the Met)
6. Poor pacing (I noticed significant variation between R1 and R2 for many athletes, as well as between Lap 1 and 2 of the ~20k bike)
7. Inappropriate equipment (choice of shoes, bike, wheels, etc)

The triathlon season is about to begin here in NYC and in New England so there is plenty of time to learn from these mistakes and improve as the season begins and continues. Contact us to learn more about our triathlon coaching and triathlon nutrition services.

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