Triathlon How-To: The Transition

For the beginner triathlete, transitioning from swim to bike and bike to run can be a daunting task.

Tri Training with Lisa Barnes 12

Check out this video from Lisa Barnes for a good how-to on the basics of transitioning. For those not in the know, “T1” is the transition between the swim and bike and “T2” is the transition from bike to run. As Lisa points out, organization is the key to success as well as ample practice before the big day. One of the secret weapons of triathlon racing, an anti-friction cream is always a good idea both before the race (around the collar, ankles, armpits) when putting on your wetsuit and possibly in the transition from bike to run if it is a longer race or if you chafe easily. We’ve been doing some testing of the latest anti-friction product from MISSION and it is going to be great! Of course, you also want to make sure to apply MISSION product waterproof sunblock before and after the triathlon.

For the ill-prepared triathlete, transitions can wreak havoc on your performance as the changes in posture and fine motor skill requirements can set off a cascade of anxiety and clumsiness as well as cramping and potential injury.

For shorter distance races, transitions become more important as they can be the difference between first and second place in your age-group.
If you have a good triathlon coach, you will be incorporating transition practice into your workouts weeks before the event.

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