Triathlon Lingo: VO2 Max

VO2 max testing laboratory

The science of training for a triathlon can be intimidating for those without a background in science or physiology. What we are always striving to do at is simplify things for our clients: we do the work and create the training program so they can focus on getting the training done and remaining productive at work and home. It’s inevitable, however, that along the way, one our clients will want to learn some of the basic principles that explain why they are swimming, biking and running X number of hours per week or why they need to do that interval session. For this reason, we produce articles that break down the ideas and present them in ways that are easy to understand.

With that, we give you “VO2 Max”. Directly from the article:

“VO2 is a term that describes our body’s ability to deliver and utilize oxygen. It is a term that is thrown around amongst athletes and doctors alike. To doctors, VO2 can serve as a predictor of mortality in cystic fibrosis or in patients with heart failure. To an athlete, the maximum VO2 uptake is important as a predictor of performance and a measure of the efficacy and progression of training.”

Read more about VO2 max and why it is an important parameter in triathlon training here.

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