Ultramarathon, Vegetarianism and Locavores…

Just back from a run in beautiful Boulder, Colorado and it reminded me of a talk I attended last week given by the ultramarathoner Scott Jurek. In his talk, at Jack Rabbit in Union Square-NYC, Scott hit on three basic principles of endurance training, those being specificity, periodization and recovery. Which brings me to my run. Altitude, at least for a flat-lander, forces you to slow down. Given that it was my first run at altitude, I intentionally backed off and just went out for a relaxed easy run. I’m looking forward to adapting to the conditions and being able to get in some good runs and bikes while I am here. For those of you who don’t know, Boulder is a mecca for triathlon.

While Scott’s talk was chock full of great images of him running in some breath-taking locales, the main points about training and nutrition were nothing new. Perhaps evidence that the elites really don’t do much that cannot be applied to the average joe? I do, however, take issue with Scott’s advice that one can train for ultra-distance events on 50-55 miles per week. Maybe some of the more gifted endurance athletes can but I think the majority of athletes require greater training volumes. In fact, Trismarter.com Eat2Win Sports Nutrionist Bill Nadeau and I were discussing this point last night. Bill was particularly interested in Scott’s talk because Scott is a vegan and Bill has been a practicing vegetarian and competitive runner himself. If you’re interested in vegetarianism and triathlon training or the concept of “locavore” check out Bill’s interview tomorrow night with rockstartriathlete.com- it is sure to be interesting.

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