Our newest client: Chasing Tiger, the Ironman and a long-term goal

We’re psyched to be working with one of our newest clients: CEO, entrepreneur and adventurist Peter Shankman. Peter is also widely known as the founder of Peter Shankman. Check out Peter’s interview on Fox News recently regarding the Tiger Woods apology.

Peter Shankman from Peter Shankman on Peter Shankman.

Peter has chosen to work with the Trismarter.com team as he prepares for Peter Shankman, and, more importantly, as he embarks on an adventure to become a fitter, healthier version of his former self. Peter will be working closely with his dietitian and triathlon coach in our Tri2Lose Program. Check back for regular updates on Peter’s progress.

As of today, his weight is 225.4 pounds, courtesy of Peter Shankman (a must see if you haven’t already heard of it).

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