Indoor Cycling: Make the most of your time

For those of us training for triathlon in the dead of winter, we spend many hours each week riding indoors. The indoor trainer, for many, becomes something of a torture device as we dread the hours of riding in place to prepare for the coming triathlon season.

Check out this article from Triathlon Coach Lee Gardner on the USA Triathlon website for some creative, boredom-busting workout ideas on the stationary trainer.

As training demands so much of our personal time, it is a good idea to make the workouts not only as efficient as possible but also to make the best use of  the time we are training. For example, if the session is an aerobic-building, low-intensity session, then consider having reading materials for work available or catching up on emails via Blackberry.  For example, just the other day, I spoke a client while she was completing an indoor ride. I, too, was on the stationary bike.

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