Triathlon running gear: Get Lost!

I set out for what was supposed to be a 45:00 run yesterday from Greenwich Village in Manhattan (I do this whenever possible to remind myself of what all of our Triathlon Coaching clients persevere through on a daily basis). Tunes cranking on my iPod, I headed south along the West Side bikepath to South Ferry, ran along Wall St to South Street Seaport and headed north on a criss-cross of streets. I returned to my starting point roughly 60 minutes later, exhilarated and left wondering just how far I ran.

While I’ve tried to recreate the spontaneous loop using Google Maps and, I just dont have the time or patience to trace it all in its entirety.

What I needed, and what I didn’t have, was a GPS system like the one above. If I had something like the Garmin 405 above, I would have known my pace and distance traveled instead of being left to venture a guess based upon my usual running speed and total time.

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