“TriHarder” or Trismarter?

At the gym tonight I was forced to read Muscle and Performance Magazine…everything else worth reading (such as publications with factual information) was already taken.

In the article, entitled “TriHarder”, Lisa Palmer provides some tips for first-time triathletes on the swim, bike, run and, of course, in the gym (what else do you expect from a magazine called Muscle and Performance Magazine?). In the article, Ms. Palmer quotes experts in each of the disciplines and closes with the following:

 “Triathlon training isn’t just about laps, pacing or intensity, it’s about improving your enjoyment of the multisport endurance event.”

OK. I’m not sure how one improves his or her “enjoyment of the multisport endurance event” without the aforementioned laps, pacing and intensity. Afterall, it is the training itself that should be enjoyable given the relatively few races the average athlete does each season in comparison to the overall training volume.

A Minnesota-based pro ironman triathlete quoted in the article states, “err on the side of volume” with respect to the bike. I suppose if there is any sport of the three that one could tolerate to “err”, it is the bike. However, given the fact that this article was written for novice triathletes, it’s not wise to spend more time than needed on the bike. Better to improve one’s weakness than to spend more time than needed on the bike. He goes on to say that prior to race day you can add “triathlon handlebars” to make the bike more aero. Once again we have to disagree. It’s never wise to make changes like this to equipment just before a race.

Bottom line, get your triathlon advice from expert sources, not from articles in muscle magazines that tout amino acid and protein powder concoctions 

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