Burlington, Vermont: Triathlon Mecca Part II

I just couldn’t help posting this from the local Seven Days Staff Blog entitled, “Tri Harder- USA Triathlon Championships come to BTV”. Lauren Ober reports on the recent announcement (which we blogged on yesterday) that Burlington, Vermont (BTV) will play host to the 2011 and 2012 entire post Multisport Festival.

“For Burlington, this is a pretty big score. Triathlon is hugely popular and continues to draw more and more people into the fold. I’m not sure why. The idea of having to be proficient at more than one sport seems overwhelming. I’m barely good at one thing; I can’t imagine having to be good at three things. Plus, there’s that whole clothing issue — you have to bike and run in a swimsuit, essentially. And that’s pretty much like running in your undies. If I’m going running, which will be never, it’s going to be at night in my baggiest sweatsuit.”


Actually, Ms. Ober, you needn’t run around in neither your undies nor your baggiest sweatsuit as there is such a thing as a triathlon suit (entire post last year for another newspaper you may have heard of, The New York Times).

For more entertainment, read the entire post and the comments. Oh, and it’s Trismarter, not Tri Harder.

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