Tri2Lose: The Evidence

A recent report from the journal, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise concludes that compared to diet alone, diet plus exercise leads to greater improvements in aerobic fitness and, in turn, cardiometabolic measure. From the abstract for this report, “Despite similar effect on fat losses, combining CR (caloric restriction) with exercise increased aerobic fitness in parallel with improved insulin sensitivity, LDL cholesterol, and diastolic BP (blood pressure). This results lend support for inclusion of an exercise component in weight loss programs to improve metabolic fitness.”

Simply stated, this adds to the evidence that it is wise to not only “diet” to lose weight, but also to exercise. What better form of exercise than training for a triathlon? Check out our Tri2Lose Program, a combination of dietary support and guidance led by a Registered Dietitian, and triathlon training program development and support, led by a triathlon coach.

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