New to triathlon? Try a Sprint but hold the supplements.

Check out this recent article on for some good pointers for newbie triathletes. A sprint triathlon is a great way to “get your feet wet” in the awesome sport of triathlon and gives you a goal to motivate your training.

We do, however, take issue with one of the points made in the article. That being Rule #5, “Consider Nutrition Supplementation”:

“There are many nutrition supplements that can assist you with explosiveness, power, speed and recovery. A few of the tried and true aids that are easily accessible to enhance your sprint triathlon training include: creatine, nitric oxide, CoQ10, branched chain amino acids and glutamine. Don’t be afraid of supplements! All those listed here have been researched many times and found to be both safe and effective.”

Really? We’ll be the first to support the importance of proper nutrition for training and recovery as our Eat2Win services cater to the triathlete’s diet. But we really cannot condone the use of some of the supplements listed above. The evidence just isn’t there for most of them, regardless of the “research” into their safety. Besides, sprint triathlon training, especially for the novice, hardly requires nourishment beyond that which can be attained from a diet of whole foods.

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