The Biggest Loser Triathlon Challenge: Tri2Lose

Think big, right?

Watching The Biggest Loser on NBC for the first time ever and pleasantly surprised to see that the contestants, in teams of two, are challenged to ride a bike 26.2 miles. Yes, that’s right, teams of two have to ride 26.2 MILES. I wonder if the folks at NBC have taken notice of’s Tri2Lose program. While we haven’t worked with any 544 pound triathlon hopefuls, we have coached and guided many overweight people to a healthier weight and triathlon finish line. And, we don’t ask anyone to leave the campus immediately if they finish last.

Interested in losing weight, getting fit and adopting a healthy diet while training for a triathlon? Check out Tri2Lose Triathlon Weight Loss Program and contact us today.

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