How happy are you with your triathlon coach?

Our team of triathlon coaches and triathlon nutritionists strive to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Direct from our mission statement:

“ provides an exceptional service by attracting and building a team that inspires excellence and values knowledge. This team collaborates to ensure clear, concise communication and a positive and unified approach to challenges. We settle for nothing less than knowing, understanding and addressing the needs of each client.”

As I spent some time discussing my opinion of why personalized triathlon coaching is superior to premade programs for 70.3 and IM distance training, I thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight some recent praise from a client. This client lives in the midwest and is a physician. Like all of our clients, he has a busy professional and personal life. Our Tri4Life Coaching service takes the stress out of his training and provides him with the expertise of a triathlon coach as his training program evolves with his lifestyle. Sent earlier today, the client (who shall remain nameless) states:

“Thank-you for the incredible service you provide. Although I am new to triathlon training, I am not new to the service industry. The service you provide equates to the service I receive when I stay at the Four Seasons or The Ritz. You continually exceed my expectations. Although The Ritz can be a little patronizing at times, Lee is quick to point out my frailties, especially when it comes to my “add-ons” and over training. I have the greatest respect for Lee and I work well with his personality. I read constantly and I am quite discriminating in whose voice I actually hear. Needless to say, when Lee speaks, I listen though I may not heed his advice I still listen.”

It’s nice to hear this kind of praise coming from our clients. We must be doing something right…

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