Triathlon Training Plans: A good fit for some

A olympic distance triathlon training programs on outlines some of the major requisite elements of triathlon training programs. While there is certainly a difference between working individually with a triathlon coach to create a customized training program to fit your needs and purchasing a hereaccording to race distance and skill level, both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. The only real disadvantage to working individually with a coach is cost. (That being said, if you read this post and want to work with us at, keep reading for a special deal.)

Pre-made training programs, as I have discussed before, should only be used by athletes competing in shorter distance races, not 70.3 or longer. The reasons for this are many and I’d be happy to discuss further with anyone that contacts us. That’s why we don’t create any programs for the longer distances, only for sprint and olympic distance triathlon. In fact, our here on is one of the most frequently viewed pages on the entire site with over 20,000 views. More recently, Triathlon Coach Lee Gardner has created a couple of here(one especially for the NYC Triathlon) that are thorough and specific with lots of extras. Check out a sample of one of the plans here.

Now, for that deal I mentioned earlier. Contact us within the next week and mention this blog post to receive 25% of your 1st month of coaching.

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