Announcing CTDA+ Triathlon Nutrition Service

Based on our annual review with the entire team at and from feedback from our Eat2Win clients, we have created a new sports nutrition service for triathletes that want to learn how to eat for better performance in training and racing. Our most popular service, the Comprehensive Training Diet Analysis provides our clients with a wealth of information about their current diet and makes specific recommendations and guidelines for them to follow moving forward to improve their intake (diet) so as to achieve their goals. Many triathletes come to us with a range of “chief complaints”- those most commonly being to avoid fatigue, lose weight, avoid GI distress, food allergy and many others.

The new service, CTDA+ will provide all of the above but the option to continue working with our staff on on-going nutrition issues. In essence, the CTDA+ athlete will be retaining the services of a dietitian for long-term, on-going diet improvement. CTDA+ will also cover such topics as body weight, fatigue levels, sleep quality, cravings, mood and training performance. Additionally, clients will be sent recipes to incorporate into their own cooking for variety and health. We’re excited to create and offer this program as we realize that there are lots of triathletes out there that need and want to improve their diet and that most coaches just aren’t prepared to offer this kind of advice.

Contact us today to discuss whether this service may be right for you.

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