Who needs a triathlon coach?

I had the pleasure of meeting with a potential new client (we’ll call him Jim) this morning in-person. Years ago, I’d meet each client personally over dinner or coffee. These days, as Trismarter.com has grown, that is rarely possible. The relationships our triathlon coaches and triathlon nutritionists forge with their clients is something that I am somewhat separated from. That’s not to say that our clients don’t meet the people from Trismarter.com they work with. A client might meet his or her coach for a bike session or take part in a mini-camp in Colorado Springs with Triathlon Coaches Lee or Regina. The same goes for our Eat2Win clients. In fact, on occasion, our clients have requested the presence of their coach or dietitian at the finish line of a big race.

Everyone that completes our contact form on Trismarter.com gets a personal call from me. During this conversation, I get a sense for the person and what their goals are, what their schedule is like and how experienced they are in the sport of triathlon. It is our mission to provide a highly personalized experience to each client and I’m happy to say we do deliver on that.

Jim is a very successful and very busy business man in New York. To say the least, he is a complicated case in that, in addition to making the leap from olympic to 70.3 last season with the goal of Ironman Cozumel in 2010, Jim is literally hopping all over the globe for work. And Jim wants to lose weight, a lot of it, for the ironman. And he has a couple of concurrent medical conditions. During the course of our conversation, I learned that Jim has a “6 or 7 month training program for the ironman”. It’s terrifying to me that triathletes actually leave their ironman destiny in the hands of a premade training program bought online for $50 (more or less) when they invest literally hundreds of hours of training not to mention tens of thousands of dollars in entry fees, travel, equipment and other necessities to finally make it to the big day. I often wonder who is writing these ironman training programs and what their qualifications are…

Needless to say, I hope we have the opportunity to work with Jim (and all the other “Jims” out there) this season as he prepares for Ironman Cozumel and overcomes all the obstacles that stand in his path between here and the finish line.

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