Got Snow? Get Snowshoes.

With the massive snowstorm that slammed NYC and the northeast last night, we have the perfect opportunity to break out the snowshoes and get in some fun cross-training. Snowshoeing is a great form of training, most specific to running, that builds endurance and muscular strength. There is a fair amount of adaptation that needs to occur, so if it’s your first time, take it slow and build up the total time over a few days with a mix of walking and slow jogging. For those triathletes who don’t already have snowshoes, check out some of these top picks for lightweight, high-tech options that are designed for running and be sure to pack them on your next ski trip for an efficient workout alternative. Throw on a headlamp and head onto the trails for a twilight workout!

Atlas Run Snowshoe

Tubbs Velocity Snowshoes

Tubbs Velocity Snowshoes

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