Holiday Giveaway Grand Prize: Eat2Win just awarded its Holiday Giveaway Grand Prize, Eat2Win Comprehensive Training Diet Analysis to TJ reader Brian. The giveaway contest question was:

Contest Question/Task: In 1982, at the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon race, there was a female competitor who was racing as part of her research for her exercise physiology thesis. She was in the lead in the women’s race but with approximately two miles before the finish line; she became severely dehydrated and collapsed. She then staggered and crawled towards the finish line, only to be passed moments before the end by another female competitor. Her struggle to finish the Ironman was broadcast around the world, and provides inspiration to many to compete in Ironman events today. ABC Sports has called it one of the most defining moments in sport. Name the female competitor (Full name please) we are talking about?

At the 1997 Ironman Triathlon World Championship race in Hawaii, one athlete’s’ body shut down completely causing him to collapse 50 meters short of the finish line. During the race, he was unable to keep any fluids or food down and had become so dehydrated throughout the day, that many of his organs stopped working. Upon his arrival at the hospital, doctors realized they had to operate immediately to save his life. He continues to race, but has retired from Ironman racing. Name the professional triathlete (Full name please) we are talking about?

Congrats to Brian and thanks to the community for participating!

The Comprehensive Training Diet Analysis (CTDA) is the type of service that any triathlete who wants to improve his or her diet would benefit from. Designed to give the most comprehensive analysis and thorough recommendations of how to improve diet to benefit performance, avoid GI distress, slim down/lose weight and increase energy levels throughout the day, the CTDA is completely personalized and customized.

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