Have a busy schedule? Work with a triathlon coach!

One of the most common questions people have when searching for a triathlon coach is, “What experience do you have working with people who have busy work and personal schedules?”. At Trismarter.com, I would venture that almost all of our clients are extremely busy, dynamic individuals working in many different industries who juggle myriad demands of profession and family. Some have long commutes, others have newborns and sometimes many other children. We’ve worked with triathletes that are doctors, lawyers, bankers, CEOs, policemen, firemen, members of the armed services, architects and many others.

One of the greatest benefits of working with a triathlon coach is he or she should take the stress and work out of creating an efficient, effective and sensible training program that will work within the confines of your other daily demands and still get you to the finish line, no matter where or what that might be. For example, one of the first questions any triathlon coach should ask you is “How many hours do you have available for training on Monday, Tuesday, etc?” It’s important for the coach to really get to know the athlete and his or her schedule in order to create a program that is feasible and productive.

When shopping for a coach, it is imperative that one ask tough questions, get a sense for how punctual and professional the coach is via email and phone, research his or her credentials (being a certified coach by a governing body is NOT enough in my opinion), get a sense for the breadth of experience the triathlon coach has working with athletes of your ability as well as investigate whether they have the respect of their peers in the
triathlon coaching world (do they contribute to blogs, websites, magazines, etc).

I am always willing to discuss our services to anyone interested as well as to happily refer to another coaching service if I don’t think we can fit an individual’s needs. Contact us anytime to learn more about how working with a triathlon coach can make your life easier.

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